Monday, July 2, 2012

WAY, WAY too hot to run

At about 6:30 last night, my sister and I were hibernating in the air conditioning. We looked outside at the fading sunlight and also down at my dog, who was sulking on the rug from not being able to play outside. So we decided, "How hot could it be? Let's just go for a quick walk down to the Coffee Hag so the dog can get some fresh air."

By the end of my 40-foot driveway, I knew I had made a mistake. My forehead was glistening. By the one-block mark, I had my mouth open like a beached trout, trying to take deeper breaths than the humidity would allow. By the time we got to the Hag, I was frowning and had stopped talking to my sister. I won't talk about the walk home. Let's just say I considered giving up and plunking down a curb, accepting my fate: Amanda Dyslin, age 31, died Sunday of heat exhaustion just a block from home. She blames her dog, who guilted her into venturing outdoors into her least favorite weather of all time.

I won't regale you with yet another tangent on my heat sensitivity. I'll just say this: I have not run in many days. I simply cannot do it. I'm miserable just walking. If I ran, I would burst into flames. I would melt. I would die in the worst possible way imaginable -- in sweltering heat. Shuuuuudddddder.

I'm willing to accept that when a cool, low-humidity morning does come along, I will have taken a hit to the endurance. I may have to revisit the Runner's World Couch to 5K program and do 5-minute runs and 1-minute walk breaks. That's OK. It'll give me something to work for again. : )


  1. Hot humid heat and asthma equals not good. I barely ever use my inhalers... if I am out in this humid sticky weather walking is hard on my lungs... It is hard to breathe. I hate this humid weather. I get too cold in doors at times and then it is like walking into an oven outside.I enjoy cooking... but I hate to even use the oven right now. My apartment does not ventilate very well. The living room gets freezing with the AC on and then the bedroom is humid including the kitchen and bathroom. The hot steam from the oven... I literally try to avoid it on these days.... Getting in and out of the car with leather seats.... is not fun either. I invested in a cheap auto shade to try to eliminate the sun beaming in the car and I even put a winter light blanket over my seat. My car gets so hot. The humidity to me is the worse part.

    Running in this thank you. Not me! I would end up with a heat stroke.

    Have you thought about going to the YMCA and running on their track? That is idea for the meantime.... I know you pass out at times from the heat. Maybe indoor running would work for now.

  2. I have been running inside mostly. Did a long slow run outside on sunday morning that was about 25% walking. My hot weather running tips: bring water. Wet your hair before and during. Sloooooow down. Walk as much as you need to. Appreciate the air movement you create by running. That said: Weather like this is exactly what treadmills and indoor tracks were created for. Not much fun but better than heat torture!